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2017 Redraw -- Milu and Mika swim by Eloarei 2017 Redraw -- Milu and Mika swim :iconeloarei:Eloarei 0 0 Milu Mika Swim 2017v2011 comparison by Eloarei Milu Mika Swim 2017v2011 comparison :iconeloarei:Eloarei 0 0 NewVS.Old Damselco comp by Eloarei NewVS.Old Damselco comp :iconeloarei:Eloarei 2 0 NewVS.Old Addisson redraw by Eloarei NewVS.Old Addisson redraw :iconeloarei:Eloarei 2 0 NewVS.Old Hunter quick redraw by Eloarei NewVS.Old Hunter quick redraw :iconeloarei:Eloarei 1 0
Rogue ch.1 + AO3 link (FINISHED)
Twenty-four was a ruse. A compromise, really, between that god-awful eternal sixteen, and the several centuries he didn't look a minute of. He wasn't called on it very often, but he'd gotten used to handling accusations of untruth when they arose, practiced as he was from skirting around his other compromises.
That didn't make him a liar. No, no, he actually hated lying, hated deceiving people who had otherwise earned his trust. But it wasn't because he didn't trust people that he told them he was twenty-four, and not some-hundred. It was because, well, it was for their safety! The less they knew about him the better, wasn't it? Surely.
Still... He felt a bit bad about it all, about leading his 'friends' on to think he was someone he wasn't. He always had. So he never stayed in one place for long. Too hard to confess, much easier to pack up and move.
Maybe it was almost time again. He'd known Worth for years; probably... oh, three or four by now? Maybe five. It was a long time for norm
:iconeloarei:Eloarei 1 0
Daybreak -- MSPaint by Eloarei Daybreak -- MSPaint :iconeloarei:Eloarei 6 2 NewVS.Old Isabelle quick redraw monochrome by Eloarei NewVS.Old Isabelle quick redraw monochrome :iconeloarei:Eloarei 2 0 NewVS.Old Ellery quick redraw monochrome by Eloarei NewVS.Old Ellery quick redraw monochrome :iconeloarei:Eloarei 2 0 Addisson and Isabelle phone paint by Eloarei Addisson and Isabelle phone paint :iconeloarei:Eloarei 1 0 Sagittarius in the canyon by Eloarei Sagittarius in the canyon :iconeloarei:Eloarei 1 0 Cadoba and Solei -- OCs by Eloarei Cadoba and Solei -- OCs :iconeloarei:Eloarei 1 0 Phone painting for Grandma 2016 Xmas by Eloarei Phone painting for Grandma 2016 Xmas :iconeloarei:Eloarei 0 0 God of Nerds, Jonas Wagner -- Long Exposure by Eloarei God of Nerds, Jonas Wagner -- Long Exposure :iconeloarei:Eloarei 0 0 BTTF SD chibis by Eloarei BTTF SD chibis :iconeloarei:Eloarei 2 0 BttF compilation by Eloarei BttF compilation :iconeloarei:Eloarei 3 0

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Commission: Growing up is hard by JaviDLuffy Commission: Growing up is hard :iconjavidluffy:JaviDLuffy 726 153 Day 18- Belldandy Jizo by ChibiSilverWings Day 18- Belldandy Jizo :iconchibisilverwings:ChibiSilverWings 22 10 Cosplay: Azula in the bamboo by Risachantag Cosplay: Azula in the bamboo :iconrisachantag:Risachantag 576 60 OP No one looking by Nire-chan OP No one looking :iconnire-chan:Nire-chan 347 71 Doctor Horrible, in the plush by Zareidy Doctor Horrible, in the plush :iconzareidy:Zareidy 23 35 Anime Kisses by SonicRocksMySocks Anime Kisses :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 19,981 1,442 Beauty and the Beast by CrystallizedTwilight Beauty and the Beast :iconcrystallizedtwilight:CrystallizedTwilight 1,633 79 white Dragon by michandaze white Dragon :iconmichandaze:michandaze 84 53 Pin Drop by SJohnstone Pin Drop :iconsjohnstone:SJohnstone 1,435 237 Mona-o-Lantern by FreddyMcV Mona-o-Lantern :iconfreddymcv:FreddyMcV 150 43 Air:  the Soul of Fire by great-thrones Air: the Soul of Fire :icongreat-thrones:great-thrones 213 38 Minion by pixie-the-gator Minion :iconpixie-the-gator:pixie-the-gator 172 20 Megamind by vieveila Megamind :iconvieveila:vieveila 1,301 108 He Doesn't Love You... by bobbyzeik He Doesn't Love You... :iconbobbyzeik:bobbyzeik 2,421 858 Color Pidgeot by NewtonianNocturn Color Pidgeot :iconnewtoniannocturn:NewtonianNocturn 4,247 452





2017 Redraw -- Milu and Mika swim
The finished (and full) version of a redraw of a 2011 piece. I think I've improved rather a lot! I posted the comparison just a moment ago, too, if you want to see.
Lots of other pictures of these characters (Milu and her son Mika, a species called moptails) in my gallery. I mean, some of them are old as heck, but they're there.
NewVS.Old Damselco comp
Figured I might as well put 'em all up together. They look better together, I think. This is the 2017 redrawn version of a picture I thought was from 2011 but was actually from 2010. Wow.
Hopefully this will link to the old one. Damsel sketches colored
Characters are Ellery, Isabelle, Addisson, and Hunter, from that story I'll finish one day. They're all over my gallery if you want to see more of them.
NewVS.Old Addisson redraw
The last redraw in this particular set. I like how this one turned out a lot, but I also really liked the original version. =] She looks pretty good in monochrome too, since red is luckily a decent skin tone. (Unlike poor Hunter, getting stuck with green.)
NewVS.Old Hunter quick redraw
2011 vs 2017 redraw of Hunter, using monochrome this time. I don't love how it turned out, but he looks better than he did before, at the least.
It's really been an awfully long time since I've been on dA much. I still like the site, sure, but in recent years I've tended towards Tumblr, and in recent months I've been mostly offline in general. Let me tell you, it has been refreshing. 

But I still do like to come back here every so often. (And good thing, too; I had a fun note waiting for me.) 

TBH I just came back because I was looking for a few fanarts I thought I'd saved, but then I guess I just remembered seeing them in my favorites folder, because they're /nowhere/ on my PC. I'm actually scrolling through my massively long favorites list as we speak, but because they seem to have done away with pages, it now takes forever for my computer to catch up, every couple of rows. So, while it loads, I'm here in another browser, doing this. 

If you're curious, I'd say very little has changed in my life since last time you may have talked to me. It's like that, as I get older. In fact, so little has changed, I probably said the exact same thing in my last post. =P 

I have, so far, spent much of this year writing. It was my New Years Resolution, in fact! I somehow managed to eke out an ending to my longfic, "Rogue" (HINABN)-- which I guess I ought to consider cross-posting here! Or linking, at least. For posterity's sake. I mean, it took me two damn years, so, y'know. After finishing Rogue in March, I madly started like 7 FFXV fics, none of which really took off unfortunately, and then spent two focused months on the first 3rd of a Fallout 4 fic (as of yet unnamed). At the start of this month I got super lazy and spent two weeks reading fanfic like my life depended on it, then remembered that I'm a huge One Piece fan, started rewatching the series and playing that damn phone game I can't put down, and started a Coby-centric fic that is probably going nowhere. Then, spontaneously (or perhaps because I was reading Guardians of the Galaxy fic??? and I love Rocket because obviously fluffy woodland creatures that ride on their tall partners' shoulders and like to throw sarcastic quips are A++) I got back into frigging Jak and Daxter, listened to the same song probably literally 500 times, and starting writing a fic for /that/ series. 

Which is where I am now, and why I'm scrolling wildly through my favorites list. 

Funny too, because that was what the note I got was about. Wild stuff. =] 

More than anything, this year I've really found that I'm not capable of much multi-tasking. In any given day, I find I can focus on maybe 2 different things, work aside. On a larger scale, that also applies to months and years. Today: that J&D fic and socializing. This month: writing and One Piece. This year: writing and video games. 
It's good to realize this about myself, as annoying as it is. Realizing it helps me deal with it. It helps me not be mad at myself for not... doing more, you know? I keep thinking, "God, I haven't drawn almost anything this year!" but then I realize that in order to do that, I have to sacrifice one of the other things I'm focused on, and it takes time to switch modes. Damn, if I hadn't gotten sucked into reading mode, I'd probably still be going strong on that FO4 fic. But that's what happens. 

Anyway, I'm off to continue looking through that massive favorites list, whew, then trying to find a thing for a person, and then dinner, and then work, and then rinse-repeat. (Well, not the favorites list and the finding thing. You know.) 

I hope the lot of you are doing well. Don't hear from you much anymore, but please do leave a comment if you feel so inclined. As much as time runs by and draws lines between us, I still love all the people I've been brought close to from the art and fandom communities, and I wish the best for you all. <3 

((OH ALSO if you wanna chat, I'm most easily available on Instagram! The name is Eloarei_or_Else (because fucking 'Eloarei' was taken, somehow?). Other than that, you can always send me messages here, or on Tumblr (also 'Eloarei'), or like... wherever. Friends welcome! (don't leave me alone in this wide world, come on now!)
  • Listening to: One Piece Treasure Cruise boss battle music
  • Reading: trying not to, honestly. It's distracting.
  • Watching: ONE PIECE (re-watch: episode 24)
  • Playing: KH2, Pirate Warriors 3, Skyrim
  • Eating: I should do that, huh?
  • Drinking: "Yurio" tea by Cara McGee (on Adagio)


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Hey, I'm Eloarei. I over-abuse the ^_^ face, and I like almost everything, except meanie-heads and such.

Do Not Thank Me by Sedma Interact Stamp + Plz by UnicornReality Llamas by impersonalinfo


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Alright, so, what can I do for ya? =]
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how bout you draw some casimiro and finas? FOR OLD TIMES SAKE ;;
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Ahh, right. I knew you had to be someone I'd known from before. It's funny... I wonder what fandoms we were in together? I don't usually follow people willy-nilly.
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Hello! This is a very random question, and a blast from the past, but do you still have a copy of the bonus chapter from Demyrie's fanfic Just Another Mission? I just reread it and saw in the comments she might have passed it on to you? It's nowhere online... Like I said, random! But I'd be very grateful!
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